Tenafly Public Schools Email Notification System

Welcome to the Tenafly Public Schools Email Notification System.  This system is an outgrowth of the TPS Email Alert System.  This system is designed strictly for school related news.  Due to the overwhelming reception and an extremely successful implementation of the Alert System, our educational community can now look forward to communications regarding school related business.

By subscribing to this email database, you will add your email address to a list of recipients who will receive a variety of communications that are related to school news. Please note that you will be individually copied on all communications so that your privacy will not be compromised.

As you enter your account information, please remember to pay close attention to upper and lower case characters in all fields.  Although you may choose “HTML” or “Text” in field number four, please note that all email will be sent in text format.  You may subscribe to one, several, or all of the schools in the District.  Please enter a password that is specific to your email notification account.  Do not use a password that corresponds to any other personal account, as the system stores all passwords in plain-text format. Please make sure you click "SUBSCRIBE" when you have finished filling out the form

Please note that you will receive an email confirmation regarding your new subscription.  If you do not, you may have entered your email address incorrectly or a spam filter on your end may have blocked the response.  To allow notifications from this system to reach your box, you must enter the following email address to your white (allow) list: TENAFLY-EMAIL-NOTICE@tenafly.k12.nj.us.

Thank you for subscribing.

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