Mars... The Next Colony


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“To understand and protect our home planet,
To explore the universe and search for new life,
To inspire the next generation of explorers,
…as only NASA can.”

Nasa Mission Statement


You have been assigned a mission.  You and your crewmates are scheduled to fly on the next mission to mars named, “Mars… the Next Colony”.  You and your crew will be the first to explore, feel, breathe and experience Mars and it’s frontier. 


However, to truly understand space exploration, you must first begin with land exploration.  What is it and what were the underlying factors that drove Henry Hudson, Samuel de Champlain, Jacques Cartier, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark on such quests that took them to the vast unknown of a distant land?  What did it take to survive? What is it that drives us to journey and explore something virtually unknown?


Let us begin our own quest…. “Mars... the Next Colony”.


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Last Updated:  May, 2007